ATR Woo Global Price Options

This plugin let shop managers add global price options by category/categories to Woocommerce products. It is aimed for use by WooCommerce shops that use identical price options for all products in a category or categories e.g. photographer sites selling photos in different sizes options (But same options to all).

It eliminates the use of variable products while let the shop owner force selection of option and adjust the price accordingly.

Tested up to Woocommerce Version 3.3.4
Requires at least Woocommerce Version 2.6.0


  • Globally add price options to products.
  • You can dynamically add and manage the price options with title and price for each option.
  • Select categories to apply the price options. All other categories remain intact.
  • Adjust the text on the “Read more” button in the shop/archive pages
  • In the cart, a title and description is added to each item with the selected option details. You can control the label for the description.
  • Customer can add the product to cart with multiple options (one at a time.)
  • You can opt to make product without price definition to be purchasable with your price options.